Bagels Supreme, Springfield


Bagels Supreme_Springfield
These bagels were warm and dare I say, beautiful. Warm, even at 2:30 in the afternoon. Beautiful, even after already having eaten a bagel not more than an hour before.

Bagels Supreme

They were chewy and doughy, with a slight crunch on the shell. I had an everything; it was near perfect. Even the wax paper that kept the bagel was folded perfectly (sadly, there is no picture, because I was so stunned by the warmth of the bagel in the afternoon, that I immediately tore into the wrapping).


It was a little heavy on the schmear for me, but otherwise moist and dense, but still pillowy in the mouth. What is your secret?!, Bagels Supreme? What makes these bagels so supreme? Surely the secret will not be let out. But if it were, you would have many imitators, and bagel eaters everywhere would be more satisfied. But alas, this is not the case.


The bottom line: I ate the whole thing, even though it was the second of the day, and I almost regretted it later…almost. It was truly a unique bagel, indeed a contender for top in the state.


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