Pop’s Bagel Shop, Wharton

Sits on a triangle, similar to Wonder Bagel in Jersey City – a good omen. Greeted by a screen door—can’t help but think of Thunder Road (“The screen door slams/Mary’s dress waves/Like a vision she dances across the porch/as the radio plays”). Another good omen. It’s a vintage bagel shop on the inside, complete with extra long “BAGELS” floor mat (cooper font) in front of the coffee selection. There are about six tables. When I sit down the owner takes a look at my table and asks a guy to come and “freshen it up.” The previous diner had quite clearly launched an aggressive assault on their coffee with the sugar and then missed the cup. Alas, some like it sweet…

When I unwrapped the sesame, toasted, with scallion cream cheese, it was beautiful in its’ imperfections. There was no chance that this was made by a machine. This bagel was wrought by a human hand, with its’ whorls, cracks, and crevices. It calls to mind few others that have been Bagelrated™. I bit in with a crunch, and it was love at first bite. I knew immediately that I would come back here, and eat again. Highly recommended.

An everything from Pop's of Wharton

An everything from Pop’s of Wharton

Sesame with scallion cream cheese, from Pop's of Wharton

Sesame with scallion cream cheese, from Pop’s of Wharton


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