Bagelmasters, Shrewsbury

“What makes you the bagel masters?,” I wanted to ask even before seeing the shop. Unfortunately, the store was still buzzing with customers at 10:15 AM, and there was little time for such a broad and serious inquiry. Much like Bagel Hut in Aberdeen, Bagelmasters is a New Yawk kinda place. There’s fast-talkers on both sides of the counter, and only a New Yawker would call himself a “master” without bothering to substantiate the claim.

I ordered a sesame, toasted with cream cheese, and the service was pretty quick. There is some seating in a side “alley” of the store. The majority of the store space is given to the kitchen. Perhaps the kitchen only appears to be disproportionally large because it is all exposed, unlike most shops which have kitchens in a separate back area. I managed to snag a seat just as another customer was leaving.

The second question of the trip came upon unwrapping the bagel: “where’s the seeds?!,” I almost said aloud. I could almost count the number of sesame seeds on two hands (ok, maybe four…). Houston St., we have a problem.

The crust is pretty chewy, and overall, the bagel tastes pretty good. But this bagel is heavy. For a moment, I thought I might’ve walked into Doughmasters by mistake, but no, the three-foot tall smiling bagel persons hanging from the confirmed my location.

Overall, these bagels ain’t bad. They could be a little less doughy and more seedy. It’s not a bad everyday bagel, but if you’re looking for a truly masterly bagel, you may have to look elsewhere.


661 Broad St.
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702


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  1. another great bagel review, remember, if you find that gluten free, would love to hear about it.

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