Bagel Hut, Aberdeen

On an beautiful, clear Thursday morning in October, NJ Bagelrater paid a visit to Bagel Hut of Aberdeen. Aberdeen is a near-the-shore town in Monmouth County, near the bayshore region (or in it? Correct me, Aberdinians). Bagel hut is tucked away in the corner of a strip mall on the side of Route 25.

It’s a perfectly medium-sized store—not too small or too big. You enter and immediately face the counter. If you proceed to the left, you will hit the seating area (6-8 tables, 4 person each. Television in corner). A couple of guys here had New York sports team caps and accents to match; this is East Jersey.

Service at the Bagel Hut was prompt and courteous. No waiting to be waited on, and my server even brought the bagel out to the table. Bagel Hut’s bagel rating is has already increased. If you’re a New Yorker, and you’re into coffee, there is a very nice coffee counter in the seating area. The man at the register, whom I presume to be the owner, was very friendly (“debit card? For you my frien’, no problem).

I ordered a plain with plain cc and lox. Like the store, the bagel was a perfect size—not to small (we’re looking at you, Montreal-style-bagel store-in-NYC), and not too big. The coloring is also spot-on: a nice golden brown, with little air bubbles baked in. The first bite was delicious: crispy outer crust, with a light, fluffy interior. Add fresh lox to the mix, and you’re in bagel Nirvana (side note: the guy after me ordered lox as well. A.) this is an NYC-style Hut. B.) lox is fresh, popular).

In conclusion, even though I now get indigestion from eating even one bagel, indigestion is a price I would pay to eat a crispy, chewy, fluffy Bagel Hut bagel.


Bagel Hut
1208 New Jersey 34
Aberdeen, NJ 07747


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  1. Can’t wait to get to Jersey to try some of these bagels

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