Bagels and Beyond, Yardville

Have you ever been to a yard sale in Yardville? Apparently they are quite common as warmer weather rolls in to replace the cold. Yardville is a part of Hamilton that sits between 195 and Crosswicks Creek, with Rt. 130 bisecting the community. It is a small, quiet town, despite having the Turnpike, 295, and 206 nearby. We got a tip to visit the LBI-based bagelier on this blog.

The shop, Bagels and Beyond, is located in a tiny four store strip mall along County Road 524. There is a pizza shop, a barber, and a gas station nearby. A classic Jersey town located near a highway. It is a warm spring day, and the door is open, allowing a nice breeze to circulate inside. The interior is clean without being shiny, aged without being old. It’s a nice, open place, with a large amount of bar-style seats in a corner, and ample table seating as well. There is a hometown atmosphere here; people know each other, and the service is friendly. It is late in the morning, but bagel patrons old and young populate the store.

bb yardville 2
Above: Insane seed density at Bagels & Beyond, Yardville

The first thing that you notice about the bagels is most likely going to be the insane seed density on the top of each seeded bagel. My eyes quickly went to the poppy, and so that is what I ordered (along with a plain for standardized comparison, of course). Although I must admit that pork roll (or Taylor Ham for northerners) has not been bagelrated yet, this store probably has a good pork roll, as several customers ordered it.

The poppy was chewy, yet soft, with a nice crunch on the outside. Very nice, I would go here again. The plain, however, had less of a crunch on the outside (perhaps it was less fresh than the poppy?). The cream cheese is a little on the thin side, and could (in my humble bagelrating opinion) use a little more thickness to it. Both bagels had a nice maltiness to them, and traces of what I believe to be honey from the boiling process could be seen on the exterior of the bagels.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It is a nice hometown bagel shop, great seating, open layout, with friendly service. It is nice and clean without forsaking the classic aged bagel shop look. Most importantly, the bagels are pretty damn good. I would go back.


Bagels and Beyond
4324 S Broad St
Trenton, NJ 08620


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