Maidenhead Bagel Co, Lawrenceville

Maiden everything

We took the short trip up Rt. 206 to arrive in downtown Lawrenceville and Maidenhead Bagels. Undoubtedly, Maidenhead gets the Lion’s share of bagular glory in Lawrence. Situated not only downtown, but across from the Lawrenceville School and near enough to Rider University, Maidenhead gets a large influx of students, especially on Sunday morning. Carb-y and greasy all-in-one, bagel sandwiches must be the original hangover food.

The first thing that one notices in the store is the absence of a display case for bagels. Where are the bagels? What do they look like? One must trust that the tables are full for a reason…Those who arrived by car enter from the back door (which leads to the parking lot), while those who walked (ahem, L’ville School), arrive via the front door.

It is lively. People sit and stay; not many are waiting to take their food elsewhere. Most of the many tables are filled with a mix of the aforementioned students, as well as town residents old and young. The service is friendly and efficient, with most of the efficiency taking place behind the barrier of a high counter and a refrigeration unit. The impression is one of an invisible machine working on your order, until it pops out ready at the end of the line! A sign of quality: the paper bags are extra thick (Duro Bulwark model, to be exact).

THE BAGELS are big and round, with what is probably the best seed density of any bagel that has been Bagelrated™ thus far. Both top and bottom are completely seeded, giving the bagels a gritty texture like none other. The plain and unseeded bagels are a little less interesting. Without the seeds, there remains a soft and bready texture. Try the pumpkin and cranberry for a truly unique bagel experience.

Maidenhead everything split

THE TAKEAWAY: How does it compare to Udo’s? As stores, it is like comparing apples and oranges. As for the bagels, Udo’s differentiated itself right from the start with its’ thin, glossy bagels, but then lets you down with an average flavor. On the other hand, Maidenhead bagels, impress with high seed density, both visually and when the bagel hits your taste buds. What’s your take, Lawrence?


Maidenhead Bagel Co.
2645 Lawrenceville Rd (Route 206)
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648



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