Stonebridge Bagel + Deli in Allentown

A'town everything close

Above: an everything bagel at Stonebridge in Allentown

Below: air pockets of epic proportions in a poppy bagel

Allentown air pocket

From the epic mega strip malls of the southern route 130 corridor, we veered towards the more quiet route 206 and a more modest strip mall in Allentown. Classic-contemporary decor and the aroma of coffee are both good signs. Even more–it was busy at 12:15 on a Saturday.

Chalk it up to being fourth stop of the morning, but we don’t have much to say on this one, except that we would recommend it, and would stop by if we were in the area. The ambiance was family-oriented, with large tables and ample seating. “It’s the kind of place you go with dad after soccer,” we noted.

THE BAGELS were doughy, and the particular poppy seed bagel, chosen by our chief bagel ethnographer, was full of air pockets (good or bad? Not sure, but it did make for an interesting experience). The everything bagel was also doughy, without the ginormous air pockets of the sesame. We concurred that the outer bagel could use a little more crunch, but aside from this minor niggle, the bagels were quite good.

Oh, and if you have any doubt that Monmouth is in South Jersey: we passed a pork roll store–yes, a whole store dedicated to pork roll–on our way out.


Stonebridge Bagels and Deli
1278 Yardville Allentown Rd
Allentown, NJ 08501


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