CNJ Bagel Triad, part I: Bagel Barn, Montgomery

The Tri-town Bagel Triad: three of the best stores in the area, one trip. Three bagels each, one morning. Three hour bagel coma, one huge stomachache after awaking from the carbo-induced slumber. “Is it really worth it?”, you may ask?? YES! Having a compendium of bagel shops in our great state along with reviews of the store and bagels is PRICELESS and an invaluable service to our fellow New Jerseyians. So “Onward!” we say!, as we push through 6 a.m. wake-ups and three hour bagel comas, with stomachaches to boot. You’re only young once, right?

MONTGOMERY—It was 7:15 a.m., on a Saturday. In a predictable turn of events, the elderly were already out in droves at this Montgomery establishment. Bagel Barn is, (again) predictably, located in a strip mall just opposite the Princeton Airfield, right off Rt. 206 (known to many locals as The Worst Road in the Entire State).

The interior of the store is long and narrow, with all manner of baked bagel-related goods lining the walls. Bagel chips, day-olds and more can be found here, along with a long deli display for _______. Down to business

THE BAGELS are divine. Allow me to explain: First off, these bagels are BIG, and FLUFFY on the inside. But, more importantly, the inner fluffiness is balanced out by a crusty, bubbly exterior. The folds and twists of the bagel serve as proof of hand rolling, a hypothesis which is further confirmed by the way that the bagel comes apart at the seams/folds when pulled <>.

“I come here for the vegetable cream cheese,” noted one ‘rater. When it comes down to it, I like a little bit of lox in my cc if I’m going to get anything in it, but an approval from the resident Vegetarian Expert at Bagelrater should not be taken lightly.

WE GOT the egg bagel with vegetable cream cheese, French toast bagel (plain), and a cinnamon raison toasted with cream cheese. I would recommend the first and the last but not the French toast bagel. While interesting, it is ultimately a little too dry on top and way too sweet to be a morning delicacy.

THE TAKE-AWAY: Gossiping old broads, grumpy old bankers, and regular citizens give this strip-mall shop a distinct Princeton-North feel (i.e. Montgomery and the 206 corridor). Don’t come here for the ambiance though, come here for the bagels; they’re delicious.



Bagel Barn
1225 Rt 206 N
Princeton, NJ 08540

Update 05/23/2015: Bagel Barn is located in Montgomery, Somerset County, not it’s neighbor Princeton, Mercer County.



  1. Where is wonder bagels in downtown jersey city on this post? Chewy bagels baked fresh every morning. The whole wheat everything is dynamite as is all of their standard Flavors and tasty sandwiches. The most surprising thing my husband and I found here was how delicious the veggie tofu cream cheese is…yep you read me right, veggie tofu cream cheese. We’ve had relatives come over and we’ve served it and they didn’t even know it was tofu, just thought it was really creamy and tasty veggie cream cheese. Wonder bagels is definitely worth checking out. With a line out the door every sat and sun, it’s most def a jersey city favorite.

  2. Thanks Samira! Great to hear your suggestion, and we have most definitely added it to our “bagel shops to visit” list. In fact, we are both huge fans of Jersey City in general, so we’d love another excuse to go down there. This post focused on central Jersey, and that’s why we didn’t include any JC eateries. Happy bageleating! And I’m sure that our resident legume specialist will appreciate the veggie tofu cream cheese

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