The CNJ Bagel Triad, Part II: Bagels ‘n Cream

ROBBINSVILLE—Or is it Hamilton? The Foxmoor shopping plaza (read: strip-mall) is right on the dividing line between Robbinsville and Hamilton, giving Bagels n Cream the perfect location between downtown and hometown. BnC has long been a favorite of Bagelrater.

THE BAGELS are soft. But not in an airy-fluffy way like Montgomery’s Bagel Barn. These bagels are decidedly more chewy; press down on one and it will take a while to rebound. There’s a reason the line is out the door by 8:20, just 5 minutes after we arrived—these bagels are delicious. Chewy, a little more on the doughy side than a fluffy bagel, and seeded on the top and bottom.

WE BAGELRATED steak and egg on a sesame, and poppy with vegetable cream cheese. At $3.50 a pop for the former, it’s a delicious deal that you can’t pass up if you like breakfast sandwiches, our Chief Carnivore Tester said. As for the veg cream cheese, it’s good, but still not quite up to par with Montgomery’s Bagel Barn, according to our resident Vegetarian Expert.

THE TAKEAWAY: Genial hometown atmosphere and well-made bagels make this place a must-stop for the NJ bagel enthusiast.


Bagels ‘n Cream
1051 Washington Blvd,
Robbinsville, NJ 08691




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