Bagels-4-U Lamington BONUS: Black and White cookies, revealed


We continued from Hillsborough up winding Somerset Cty roads. Pastures, canals—this is the Jersey that visitors who have only seen the Turnpike coming from Newark Int’l need to see.


It was less-than-new. Almost shabby, one could say. But this can be a good omen for bagel shops. We’ve been to our share of shiny new bagel shops, only to be repulsed by bland Lender’s-esque bagels. So a shabby appearance is nothing to fear in the bagel world. A newish-looking leather sofa and leather chairs offset the oldish all-blue B4U décor of the shop. You could see the oven and boiler from the main area of the shop. The bialy-and-flagel display was distinctly less appealing than its sister store in Hillsborough (a plastic tray, lid askew?).


This time, I was treated to the overly-dense bagel. I went with sesame and plain CC (toasted, of course). A standard, useful for gauging the general quality of any bagel shop. It was basically what Chris experience at the Hillsborough location—difficult to chew, a real jaw workout. They’re not bad if that’s your local bagel shop, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to stop there.

Chris went with a whole wheat bagel, and, perhaps due in part to my raving, the raspberry CC. “It’s flavorful,” he said of the whole wheat bagel. The raspberry CC, he concurred, was good, but not something to get regularly. We were both tempted by the large black and white cookies at the Hillsborough shop, and Chris gave in to his temptation (perhaps due to his voracious appetite for Seinfeld, as of late) at the Somerville store. Cake-y cookie with half chocolate, half vanilla, smooth frostings on top. Racial harmony, “look to the cookie,” yada yada. His conclusion? “Incredibly sickening, but I can’t stop.” I laughed. “It’s everything that’s wrong with modern food,” he said. You get an all-in-one: chocolate, vanilla, cake-iness, cookieness. Bam, boom. A miracle of modern food science. Smooth, glazed-over frosting. Fake. Watch out! New Jersey! The BW Cookie has breached the City and is infiltrating the suburbs. Ok, I’m done now. Seriously though, don’t get it.


Well, definitely don’t go for the BW cookies. You can look to the cookie, but you may not eat this early 20th century delicacy. The bagels, on the other hand: they’re not bad. Pretty good if this is your local bagel shop. But would we drive all the way from Mercer County to get our hands on one these bad boys? Probably not. Sorry, Bagels 4 U, but they’re just a little too dense for our discerning palates, and your bialy display was hard to swallow. On the upside: frozen bags of half a dozen for $1.50. You can’t go wrong; it definitely beats grocery-store bagels by miles.


Bagels-4-U of Lamington
1260 New Jersey 28,
Somerville, NJ 08876


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