“Do you have napkins?” “No, no napkins,” she said as she pulled out a few for me. “Is that OK? Do you need more?” The service was pretty friendly at this local stop on Mountain Ave, even humorous at times. These bagels were served real hot, and with a perfect amount of cream cheese for […]

BAGELS SUPREME, SPRINGFIELD These bagels were warm and dare I say, beautiful. Warm, even at 2:30 in the afternoon. Beautiful, even after already having eaten a bagel not more than an hour before. They were chewy and doughy, with a slight crunch on the shell. I had an everything; it was near perfect. Even the […]

Another screen door, but no triangle; this is your classic strip mall joint. One NJ Bagelrater reader recommended this bagelry to us, noting that it was “not pretty, but great bagels.” “Pretty” may not be the word, but it does feel like walking into a time capsule from the 1950s and 1980s. Let me explain: […]

Sits on a triangle, similar to Wonder Bagel in Jersey City – a good omen. Greeted by a screen door—can’t help but think of Thunder Road (“The screen door slams/Mary’s dress waves/Like a vision she dances across the porch/as the radio plays”). Another good omen. It’s a vintage bagel shop on the inside, complete with […]

Bagel Pantry is squarely centered in Middlesex County with locations in the boroughs of South Plainfield and Metuchen. The two shops just five miles apart are tied by a confluence of rail lines, cross roads, and highways, typical of this part of the state. My long running search to find a better bagel in the […]

“What makes you the bagel masters?,” I wanted to ask even before seeing the shop. Unfortunately, the store was still buzzing with customers at 10:15 AM, and there was little time for such a broad and serious inquiry. Much like Bagel Hut in Aberdeen, Bagelmasters is a New Yawk kinda place. There’s fast-talkers on both […]

On an beautiful, clear Thursday morning in October, NJ Bagelrater paid a visit to Bagel Hut of Aberdeen. Aberdeen is a near-the-shore town in Monmouth County, near the bayshore region (or in it? Correct me, Aberdinians). Bagel hut is tucked away in the corner of a strip mall on the side of Route 25. It’s […]